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Device for moisture monitoring procured

On December 31, 2018, a device for monitoring moisture in a textile sample (Moisture Management Tester) was procured. New instrument works in accordance with the norm AATCC TM-195-2017. On the same day, training for the instrument was held.

The device was paid for from financial support for research at the University of Zagreb TP-6/18 TP-11/18 TP-13/18 and funds from the Textile Science and Research Center (TSRC).

FTIR-ATR upgrade with Golden Gate heating unit aquired

On December 10, 2018, the FTIR-ATR heating unit up to 300 °C was purchased and installed on the existing equipment at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology. The training of project members has been conducted and the instrument is ready for research!

Funds for the procurement were provided by the Croatian Science Foundation.

Project members at the international conference ITC&DC 2018

At this year’s international conference International Textile, Clothing & Design Conference held from 7 to 10 October 2018 was attended by the project leader Assoc. dr. sc. Sandra Flinčec Grgac and member of the project PhD student Katia Grgić, B.Sc. The results of the project were presented at the conference through three poster presentations: “Cellulosic fabrics – Assessment of n-cetyl pyridinium chloride adsorption and desorption”, “Effect of constructional characteristics and sample preparation of fabric on textile dust generation” and “The influence of microwaves on the cross-linking of maleic acid with β-cyclodextrin and cellulose “.

Project promotion at the Day of Textile Science Research Center (TSRC)

September 20, 2018 at the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum in Zagreb marked the 10th anniversary of Textile Science and Research Center, TSRC . On that occasion, the scientific work of project’s PhD student Rajna Malinar entitled “Generation of textile dust – adaptation of the method for nonwoven patterns to the examination of fabrics” was presented. The paper won an award for the most successful scientific research work in the field of textiles in 2018. years for young researchers of the Faculty of Textile Technology.

Project research publications in Zadar, Croatia

At the 7th International Professional-Scientific Conference “Occupational Safety and Health” held in Zadar September 12 – 15 2018, organized by the Polytechnic of Karlovac, HPROTEX project was promoted through presentations of three scientific papers: “Interface phenomena of nanoadditive precursor pan fibers for medical applications”, “Generation of textile dust from cellulose material treated with lemon acid “and” Influence of hospital textile maintenance process on textile dust generation”.

Kick off meeting

On March 22, 2018, a kickoff meeting of the project HRZZ-UIP-05-2017-8780 “Hospital protective textiles” was held at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology at Savska cesta 16/9, Zagreb. The meeting was attended by all members of the research group, project advisors prof. emeritus Drago Katović and prof. dr. sc. Tanja Pušić and the dean of the Faculty of Textile Technology prof. dr. sc. Sandra Bischof.

The project was presented through a description of the project objectives, an overview of the work and financial plan and the responsibilities of the members of the research group.